Process Heat and Hot Water Industry

Steam is a very functional way to develop both Heat and Hot water.  In some cases, we are able to capture the Heat from the Steam Return going back from equipment to generate Heat and Hot Water at little to no additional cost to the process.  Jacketed Kettles, Autoclaves, Steam Presses, Laundry equipment and

Steam Tunnels all have large amounts of steam returning back to the boiler in the form of condensate.  Most of the time, this steam is wasted being vented to the outside atmosphere.  By capturing this byproduct, we have a very efficient source for heat.  Steam can also be used to control humidity, temperature, or clean and sterilize.  It can cook, clean, melt, form and shrink a wide variety of items in many industrial applications.  We have supplied and installed systems for every application from Factories to Health clubs around the country.  Let us help you with your next project and show you how Steam may be the solution you are looking for.

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