Film, Television, and Advertising Industry

Seickel and Sons has supplied steam equipment for Movie and Television Studios in the Greater Metropolitan area. We offer equipment for rent to be used on movie and television production sets. We have recently had the pleasure of working with a Specialty Coffee shop to have steam coming out of a large Coffee cup on his store front.

We have rental items for movie, television, screen play and set design

Seickel and Sons has a large inventory of used machinery typically found in laundries, dry cleaners, clothing factories, tailor shops and alteration rooms available for rent.  We have steam pressing machines of all shapes and sizes, steam boilers and boiler room equipment, sewing machines, commercial ironing boards and a rotating stock of commercial washers and dryers to name a few items.  We can modify or manufacture items as well. We recently had the pleasure of working with a local coffee shop to custom make a device to supply steam to a coffee mug hanging in his coffee shop. If you need steam on your next set, let us know.

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