Seickel & Sons has been servicing the steam boiler for a local company, Nylabone – a manufacturer of dog treats in New Jersey. Nylabone reached out to us because they wanted to add a new boiler to their process. After meeting with the customer and looking over their location, it was decided that due to space constraints, we could provide 2 steam boilers to operate their system and build a rack to stack the 2 boilers as well as a condensate return system and a blowdown tank all in one package. By doing this, we could take up less floor space and provide them with a nice, neat package that is self contained and is easy to operate and service. We put together a quote for the project and submitted it. Once we received approval for the project, the pieces were ordered and shipped to our factory. At this point, we set up the equipment on the floor and check for spacing and clearances for piping and service. Being a service company, we design all of our projects with service in mind. Once the layout was completed, the build started. The build consisted of welding the framework, painting the frame, mounting of the components and finally piping it all together. All the drains were connected to the blowdown tank. The water piping was completed to the pumps and the pumps piped to the boiler. Once the package is delivered to the customer and set in place, it will need to be connected to the electrical service, water and drain line and their steam equipment.